“After School Excitement” season 2 begins production

Funky Studio, the production company of “After School Excitement” season 2, said on June 27, “We will start meetings with 53 entertainment agencies to produce men’s episodes of ‘After School Excitement’ season 2.”

Earlier, it was said that the boys group version of “After School Excitement / Teenage Girls ” is a global audition, and unlike season 1, season 2 will involve a large number of global members.

“After School Excitement” is directed and produced by Han Dong Chul. Han PD launched representative audition programs in Korea such as “Show Me the Money”, “Produce 101” and “Unpretty Rapstar”.

“After School Excitement” season 1 formed new girl group CLASS:y. CLASS:y released first album in Japan about two months after their debut, and began overseas activities.