MBN launchs music variety show “Mystery Duets”

MBN’s new music variety show “Mystery Duets”, which will air for the first time in the second half of 2022, is a program in which two mystery singers complete a stage with a wall between them.

The best celebrities in Korea start singing without knowing their duet partners, and communicate with only their voices to confirm each other’s existence. A special story between the two will be told, which will bring the touching feelings to viewers.

“Mystery Duets” is a remake of the original produced by the campany of “Can’t Stop Media” in the UK. “Mystery Duets”, which aired in France’s channel TF1, recorded a high audience rating in its first broadcast.

PD Moon Kyung-tae of “Miss Trot” and writer Park Won-woo of “King of Masked Singer” are working together for “Mystery Duets” to make a high-quality music show.