UNIVERSE to air idol show “TMT – WJSN”

On June 20 the global fandom platform UNIVERSE announced, “We will release the first episode of the new short form variety show ‘TMT – WJSN’ starring WJSN at 7pm KST.”

“TMT” which means “Too Much Talk”, is a premium TMI talk show about idols. Starting with the “TMT – WJSN”, Universe will continue the series with MONSTA X and WEi episodes.

“TMT – WJSN” consists of a total of 5 episodes: 1 teaser, 3 main episodes, and 1 full version episode. The first episode will air at 7pm KST on June 20, the second episode on the June 20 and the third episode on June 24. Finally the full version will be released on June 27.