1,000 global trainees are auditioning for “After School Excitement” season 2

Funky Studio, the production company of “After School Excitement”, said on July 19, “About 1,000 global trainees from Japan, China, the United States, and Thailand applied for the men’s audition in Season 2. We are currently auditioning online and offline.”

Season 2 will be expanded to global auditions than Season 1. It will broadcasting simultaneously in Japan as well as in Korea, and simultaneous broadcasting of TV and YouTube is also under consideration. Voting will also be held in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

The production company said, “In addition to global activities related to the debut group of season 2, we will also carry out projects to publish games and webtoon characters, games, digital contents, and NFT at the same time.”

“After School Excitement” is a audition program that ended in February this year. Through the first season, a girl group CLASS:y was formed.