Aaron from NU’EST joins “After School Club” as MC

Aaron from NU’EST, also known by the stage name Aron, will join Arirang TV’s “After School Club (ASC)” as MC.

The production team said, “Aaron has been the main host of programs such as ‘KOREAN COWBOYS’, which he is currently appearing on, as well as Arirang Radio’s ‘Music Access’, and Twitter’s ‘Aron’s Circle Room’. We were convinced that Aaron’s stable and comfortable skills as MC would create synergy with ASC.”

“Most of the guests on ASC will be junior to Aaron. As a senior idol, he will be able to draw sympathy from his juniors based on his experience over the past 10 years.”

About the chemistry between the existing MCs, Jamie and Allen, “We think Aaron, who was the oldest in the group, will play a reliable role in ASC. Please show a lot of love and support to ASC, led by Aaron, Jamie, and Allen.”

The new MC Aaron can be seen on ASC, which airs on Tuesday, July 26. The guest is MCND, the group that recently released their 4th mini album [THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION Chapter.2].