aespa to appear on “Omniscient Interfering View” on July 9

Group aespa’s life in the dormitory will be revealed for the first time in the 207th episode of MBC’s variety show “Omniscient Interfering View”, which will air on July 9.

The manager of aespa said, “The members walk around without hesitation. Members are more independent than expected, so they are good at looking after their own. I want to report the real and easygoing personalities of the members.”

aespa, who go on a picnic at Han River, head somewhere as if promised as soon as they arrive. Like the manager’s report, the members do an eating show at Han River regardless of the eyes of the people around them.

On the other hand, a special one appears to support aespa’s first appearance in an observing show. The special one offers some advice to aespa, and criticizes one person in the panel of “Omniscient Interfering View”.

In addition, Song Ga-in is said to have made the studio laugh by saying “I don’t know what you mean”, after encountering aespa’s unique worldview.