Ailee reported to have signed with POPMUSIC

On July 29 according to the media report, singer Ailee recently signed an exclusive contract with POPMUSIC, which is also Yoon Sang and Clazziquai’s agency.

Ailee debuted with “Heaven” in 2012. Based on her outstanding singing ability, she was loved by releasing lots of hit songs such as “I will show you”, “Singing Got Better”, “U&I”, “Don’t Touch Me”, “Mind Your Own Business” and “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”.

Ailee recently appeared on the “King of Kings” special episode of KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs”. She performed PSY’s “That That” with full of energy, drawing favorable reviews.

Pop Music, a subsidiary of WYSIWYG Studios, is a music and performance agency. Pop Music is currently home to Yoon Sang, Clazziquai’s Clazzi, Horan, Brick’s Hur Gyu, Song Ju-Hee, Sway and rookie girl group CSR.