ASTRO to release new song “U&Iverse” on July 21

On July 15 the global fandom platform UNIVERSE announced, “Group ASTRO’s new song ‘U&Iverse’ will be released at 6pm on July 21.”

On July 14 the cover image and scheduler were released through the app and official SNS. In the cover image, ASTRO sit side by side on the roof and look up at the night sky with blue tone background.

According to the scheduler, starting with the concept photo release on July 15, the concept trailer on July 18 and the music video teaser on July 20 will be released one after another.

“U&Iverse” is Universe Music’s 23rd new song and the second song to be released with ASTRO since “ALIVE” released in September last year. “U&Iverse” is expected to give a warm impression with a sincere confession song for fans.