Ayumi shares photos with Yano Shiho and Choo Sa-rang

Ayumi met Yano Shiho and her daughter Choo Sa-rang.

Ayumi posted photos on her Instagram on July 22 with a message, “Sa-rang is back~, I only saw her on TV when Sa-rang was a baby lol, had a get-together at headquarter with beautiful cute Yano Shiho sister and moray Tae Boom.”

In the photo, Ayumi is taking a picture standing side by side with Choo Sung-hoon’s daughter Choo Sa-rang. Sa-rang’s stormy growth caught the eye of viewers.

Ayumi also drops a photo of the company dinner with Yano Shiho and Mo Tae Boom from the same agency.

Meanwhile, Ayumi is appearing on SBS’s football variety show “Shooting Stars”.