Choir audition “Sing For Gold” with JYP to air in September

The title of SBS’ new audition program has been confirmed as “Sing For Gold”.

On July 19 SBS announced, “Korea’s first performance chorus battle ‘Sing For Gold’, which is an ambitious project for the second half of 2022 with producer JYP Park Jin-young, have confirmed the title and recently finished their first recording.”

“Sing For Gold” is Korea’s first “Show Choir Battle Audition” program. Producer Park Jin-young, the best experts in music, performance, and other fields gathered together to discover a “performance choir” by running around the country. The “performance choir” will challenge the competition for the World Choir Games.

In the first recording between Seoul and other regions, from the age of 7 to 75, more than 100 choirs competed fiercely. It’s said that there were stages where all the judges showed tears or gave a standing ovation.

“Sing For Gold” is scheduled to premiere in September.