CRAXY to release 3rd mini album “WHO AM I” on August 16

On July 29 SAI Entertainment said, “CRAXY will release their third mini album ‘WHO AM I’ on August 16.” And SAI Entertainment released a scheduler image on July 28.

According to the scheduler, CRAXY will release a variety of contents, including track list, individual and group concept photos, music video teasers and music videos, starting with the concept trailer video on August 1.

In particular, six cinema-class music videos will be released. They are “WHO AM I” intro music video that will be released on August 4, music video for the title track “Undercover” on August 16, “Lion” mv on September 1, mv for the double title song “REQUIEM” on September 8, “Real” mv on September 16, “Butterfly” mv on September 23.

CRAXY is a five-member girl group debuted in March 2020. The third mini-album “WHO AM I” is a new album released by CRAXY in six months. It’s very unusual for 6 music videos to be released for a mini album.