Dating reality “Eden” season 2 to recruit participants from July 26

IHQ channel announced on July 22, “We have confirmed the production of season 2 for the dating reality show ‘Eden’. Starting on July 26, we will start recruiting participants for season 2 through our official SNS channel (Instagram).”

“Eden” is a love reality program in which ordinary male and female cast members find true love by reasoning the conditions of the other person they are instinctively attracted to.

“Eden” season 1 was aired for the first time last month. It gained the nickname “Korean version of Too Hot” with unconventional devices that has not been seen before, such as “Bed Date”.

The production team said, “Thanks for the interest in season 1 and please continue in season 2 of ‘Eden’, the land of instincts, and young men and women who want to find true love.”

Like season 1, “Eden” season 2 is co-produced by IHQ and Zemmix C&B.