Fate talk show “Magical Fortune” to premiere on August 2

A variety talk show that informs the fate of Korea’s top singers will appear.

SilveriTV’s new variety show “Magical Fortune”, which will air for the first time on August 2, is a new concept talk show that unravels the fate of the top singers in the entertainment industry with the best shaman’s divine power.

In this program, star singers and new trot singers appear. Viewers can listen to their updates and new songs.

MC Maasung will host alone, and one singer and one shaman will participate in each episode.

The producer said, “While preparing for the shaman-related program, I felt that there were many people who viewed shaman with a bad perspective. The miraculous aspects of the shamans is important, but on the contrary, I hope we can show their humane side. It will be an opportunity to get closer to the public.”

Singer Hyun Jin-young will be the guest for the first episode. The “Magical Fortune” will also be released on YouTube.