Go Eun-ah shares vacation photo in a red bikini

Actress Go Eun-ah revealed how she has been enjoying her summer vacation. Go Eun-ah posted a photo on her SNS on July 30 with a message “Hehe”.

In the photo, Go Eun-ah is wearing a red bikini and enjoying playing in the water in the swimming pool. There is no fancy makeup or styling with wet hair, but clear skin and a bright smile catch the eye.

Seeing this, Bae Yoon-jung left an exclamation comment saying “Wow”.

Go Eun-ah has appeared in various dramas and variety shows such as “Talksooda”, “Legend Music Class – La La Land”, “Style Me”, “I Want to Live an Easy Life”, “Diet”. She is also communicating with fans through the YouTube channel “Bang ga nae” with her younger brother Mir.