Jang Do-yeon, Min Kyung-hoon, Jiyeon, and Paul Kim to host “Secret Men and Women”

On July 5 KBS Joy announced, “Jang Do-yeon, Buzz Min Kyung-hoon, T-ara Jiyeon, and Paul Kim have been chosen as the 4MCs of the new dating reality show ‘Secret Men and Women’.”

“Secret Men and Women” is a love reality where men and women with various stories and wounds find true love. non-celebrities participants identify each other through a device called “lie” in nature for a week. The “secret” that further confuses the deepening mind, the “lie” to protect it, and the “love” feelings that appear after the truth is revealed. A secret romantic drama will unfold in secret.

Jang Do-yeon, Min Kyung-hoon, Ji-yeon and Paul Kim were confirmed as 4 MCs. The four, a “hot” combination, will attempt to discover the signals between participants.

“Secret Men and Women” will air for the first time on KBS Joy at 9:40 pm KST on July 26.