Jay Park and Slom join as producers on “Show Me The Money 11”

On July 27, Mnet “Show Me The Money 11” announced that Jay Park (Park Jae-beom) and Slom joined lineup as the second producer team.

Jay Park returns as a producer after a long time. He worked as a producer on “Show Me The Money 4” and “Show Me The Money 6”.

Slom is a music producer and beatmaker who made a sensation on the music charts with the song “sokodomo” in last season. Following Zion.T, he will team up with Jay Park this season.

When asked the style of music in this season, they said, “I think it will depend on which applicants come to our team.” Jay Park added, “We want to make good music that is valuable.” And Slom said, “This year, I became a partner with Jae-beom hyung, and I want to make exciting music with a bigger melody.”

“Show Me The Money 11” is recruiting rappers through e-mail, online form, and SNS until July 30. It will be broadcast for the first time in the second half of this year.