Kang Daniel to host “Street Man Fighter”

Singer Kang Daniel will be the MC of “Street Man Fighter”, following “Street Woman Fighter”, “Street Dance Girls Fighter” and “Be the SMF”.

Kang Daniel, who was active as a b-boy before his idol activities, helped viewers understand the battle rules since “Street Woman Fighter”. In addition, he enjoyed battles and stages with dancers and raised the atmosphere with appropriate reactions and responses.

Kang Daniel said, “It’s an honor to be able to greet viewers as the MC once again through ‘Street Man Fighter’. I will act as a bridge role between viewers and dancers in the more interesting and dynamic ‘Street Man Fighter’. Please look forward to hotter battles.”

In particular, Kang Daniel is said to be participating in writing OST song. This OST is the main theme song of “Street Man Fighter”. It is an emotional ballad song that represents the feelings of dancers when they are frustrated in difficult situations.

The first episode of “Street Man Fighter” will air on August 16 at 10:20pm KST.