Kim Yuna and Forestella’s Ko Woo-rim to marry in October

Former figure skater Kim Yuna (31) will marry Forestella member Ko Woo-rim (27) in October.

Ko Woo-rim’s agency BEAT INTERACTIVE said, “The wedding ceremony will be held in private with close relatives and acquaintances, so the specific date and venue of the wedding will not be announced. We ask for your understanding from fans and media officials.”

According to the agency, Ko Woo-rim and Kim Yuna met for the first time after the celebration stage of the All That Skating Ice Show in 2018. After three years of dating, the love has come to fruition.

Ko Woo-rim, the future husband of “Figure skating queen” Kim Yu-na, was born in 1995 and graduated from Seoul National University’s vocal music department. He is a member of Forestella, a crossover male quartet vocal group that finally won JTBC’s “Phantom Singer” season 2.