Koo Hye-sun featured in Mag and Jina 2022 5/6 issue

On July 4 magazine Mag & Jina released a pictorial and an interview with actress Koo Hye-sun.

Koo Hye-sun recently directed the short film “Dark yellow”, she said, “My heart was pounding for the first time in a while. I’d like to thank the staffs, actors, film festival judges, and fans. I’ll continue to make movies and come back as an actor.”

About her own art world, she said, “I want to express the art world view with life and death. It depends on the genre and field, but the basic contents of life do not change. Especially since it’s my debut 20th anniversary this year, I want to remain an artist who walks own way to the public.”

Koo Hye-sun also mentioned a return to the drama, “I’m preparing for a drama, but since it’s been a while, I want to show an impactful role, so I think it’ll take some time.”