Koyote sign contract with JG STAR

Korea’s longest-running mixed group Koyote (Kim Jong-min, BaekGa, ShinJi) has signed an exclusive contract with JG Star.

JG Star announced on July 13, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Koyote. We will not spare any support for team activities such as Koyote’s new album, concert, etc.”

The members’ individual activities will be carried out by existing agencies and management teams, and JG Star will be in charge of the Koyote team activities.

Koyote, which mark their 24th anniversary this year, debuted in 1998 with their first full length album “Koyote(高耀太)”, and becomes the longest-running mixed group in Korea that has been active without dissolution.

Since the establishment of KYT Entertainment in 2012, Koyote has been active on their own. It is the first time in 10 years that Koyote has signed a contract with another agency.

Now Koyote is preparing for the release of new album in the summer season.