Koyote to make a comeback with new summer song on August 8

The longest-running mixed group Koyote (Kim Jong-min, BaekGa, ShinJi) in Korea will present a summer season song.

According to the agency JG STAR on July 18, Koyote will release a new song at 6pm KST on August 8. It will be their first official comeback activity in about three years as a full group.

Koyote will start official activities such as music programs with the release of the new song on August 8. Considering that Koyote have not stood on stage as a full group after their 20th anniversary album “REborn” in 2019, this comeback is expected to be a big gift for fans.

Since the debut in 1998, Koyote have been working hard on music, variety shows, business, and donation activities. They produced numerous hit songs such as “Pure Love”, “Meeting”, “Broken Heart”, “Disturbance”, and “Bimong”. It is raising questions about what title and music they will make a comeback with this time.