Lee Jin-sol from April has signed a contract with STORY&PLUS

On July 28 STORY&PLUS announced, “We signed an exclusive contract with Lee Jin-sol, who has a versatile charm as well as excellent vocal skills.”

The agency said, “In the future, we plan to provide full support to expand her activities to various fields, including music activities.”

In addition, Lee Jin-sol released new profile photos on STORY&PLUS’s official social media.

Lee Jin-sol debuted with girl group APRIL in 2015 at the age of 13. Despite her young age, Lee Jin-sol was able to stand out as the role of lead vocal in the team.

She proved her skills through vocal competition programs such as tvN’s “V-1”. Lee Jin-sol was the first idol to be selected as the 12th Hani on EBS’s children’s program “Boni Hani”, and acted in web dramas.

Lee Jin-sol said, “I’m pleased to announce the good news. I’m going to show you how hard we work in various fields, so please show me a lot of interest and support.”