Lee Juck to host “Mystery Duets”

Singer Lee Juck will be the sole MC of MBN’s music show “Mystery Duets”.

In “Mystery Duets” best singers and celebrities in Korea start singing without knowing their duet partners. They communicate with each other and check each other’s existence only by their voices.

“Mystery Duets” is a remake of the original produced by the campany of “Can’t Stop Media” in the UK. “Mystery Duets” recorded a high audience rating while airing on French channel TF1.

Lee Juck said, “The responsibility of hosting alone on stage is a little heavy, but I don’t feel like I’m alone because the cool panel seniors and juniors talked together in front of the stage. As soon as I saw the French broadcast screen, I felt that it was a very powerful format. There is also an attraction that everyone can be drawn into. The scalability to contain stories with people from various fields is also good. I was sure it would be an attractive program.”

“Mystery Duets” is scheduled to air for the first time in the second half of this year.