Lee So-yeon featured in magazine Mag and Jina

Actress Lee So-yeon showed off her solid body through diet control and exercise.

Mag and Jina released a pictorial with Lee So-yeon on July 11. Lee So-yeon in the pictorial showed her healthy charm.

Lee So-yeon, who usually enjoys various sports such as Zumba, Pilates, and Golf, said she works hard not only to exercise but also to control her diet for her body, “I eat one meal a day and try to eat healthy food.”

Lee So-yeon, who debuted 21 years ago, also revealed her goal as an actress, “Since I have been on the path of an actor for a long time, I will actively appear in movies and tv programs in addition to the acting I have shown in the previous dramas. I want to be an actor who shows various sides of me.”