lIlBOI and Groovy Room join as producers on “Show Me The Money 11”

Lil Boi and Groovy Room will appear as producers on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 11”.

Lil Boi, who won the first place in “Show Me The Money” season 9, will return as a producer. He said, “I was a participant in season 9, but it feels new to participate as a producer. I’m looking forward to working with great artists as a team with Groovy Room, who have experience as producers.”

Groovy Room, who were named in the lineup with Lil Boi, is a successful composer team who participated as a producer team in season 9. Their competition song “VVS” swept various music charts and became a representative song of season 9, which is still loved by listeners. They said, “Half excited and half worried, but we try our best to have fun. We want to make good music and find new artists.”

The open recruitment of rappers for “Show Me The Money 11” will close on July 30, and can be applied for through e-mail, online form, and SNS.