Park Jin-young featured in August 2022 issue of Arena Homme+ Korea

Arena Homme+ released a fashion pictorial and interview with actor Park Jin-young on July 21.

Park Jin-young, who played the role of Yoo Babi in “Yumi’s Cells” season 2, was asked if it would be hard to appear in the original webtoon drama, he said, “I couldn’t turn my back on the fans of original webtoon. However, if I was conscious of the eyes of the webtoon reader, I thought I wouldn’t be able to act.”

When asked if he felt the growth, “It’s less disturbing than it used to be. It’s good if it goes well, but whatever results I make, I don’t start with anxiety.”

About the work that gave him passion for acting, Park Jin-young said, “I was sure when I played ‘Park Hyun-soo in 1995’ in ‘My Love Eun-Dong’. It was my first time playing a character with a subjective narrative and it was really fun.”

There are also expectations before entering the 30s. “I think the challenge will be broadened. I expect my appearance will change and I will be able to play various characters. I don’t know where, but I hope it lasts for a long time. I admire seniors who continue to work steadily over time. I want to continue this work with a strong image.”