Park So-hyun and Sandara Park to host web variety show “Unnies who have no appetite

Sandbox Network announced on July 12, “We launched a web variety show called ‘Unnies who have no appetite’ with Park So-hyun and Sandara Park.”

“Unnies who have no appetite” is a program where Park So-hyun and Sandara Park meet as 2MCs to learn how to eat well. Guests such as various mukbang(eating show) YouTubers and big eater entertainers appear as eating professors.

Jeong Hye-jin CP said, “Park So-hyun and Sandara Park are famous for those who can’t eat a lot. So the production team had a lot of worries and concerns about how much food they could eat in the beginning of the program. But after the pre-interview and the first shoot, the two became convinced that they really liked the food and were curious about the taste and experience of the food, that they were literally ‘serious about the food’.”

“It’s just that the absolute amount is less than the general public, and the two really love food. After learning the lectures of various eating professors, I felt that the taste feast and stomach increased as each episode went on. I sincerely hope that the two can be models for F&B commercials together.”

Starting with the first episode released on July 13, “Unnies who have no appetite” will be uploaded every Wednesday at 6pm KST on the YouTube channel.