“Phantom Singer 4” to hold overseas auditions in Europe and the Americas

JTBC’s music variety show “Phantom Singer 4” announced the news of holding overseas auditions on July 19.

Korean first crossover men’s quadruple formation project “Phantom Singer”, is a seven-year long-running music entertainment program that has hit every season, starting with season 1 in 2016.

Since last season, “Phantom Singer” has held overseas auditions, drawing attention with a large number of global talents. In this fourth season, overseas auditions will be held with the aim of finding talented people from all over the world.

“Phantom Singer” has received favorable reviews from many foreign musicians and media, including the United States, Greece, Israel, Serbia, and France. Therefore, the overseas audition is expected to attract a wider range of applicants, including not only vocals who are dreaming of a global stage, but also foreigners interested in K-pop.

Overseas auditions for “Phantom Singer 4” will be held in Europe and the Americas in November.