“Queen of Ssireum” unveils the lineup of wrestling team

For the first time on tv program, the member list of 20 women’s wrestling team has been released.

ENA and tvN STORY’s new variety show “Queen of Ssireum(wrestling)” is a girl-crush fighting entertainment program that contains wrestling matchs between women in the hot summer of 2022.

Jun Hyun-moo is selected as main MC. Ssireum players Lee Man-ki, Lee Tae-hyun, Lim Tae-hyuk, Choi Jung-man, Heo Sun-haeng, and Roh Bum-soo join as directors and coaches.

There are a total of 20 players in the ssireum team. First, members of “actor line” are Choi Jung-yoon, Kang Se-jung, and Go Eun-ah.

From “singer line”, Giant Pink, Brown Eyed Girls JeA, Yubin from Wonder Girls, trot singer Seol Ha-yoon, and Nature So-hee from “Produce 101” will hold the satba(thigh band) instead of the microphone.

And Shim Jin-hwa, Heo An-na, Hong Yoon-hwa, and Yeon Ye-rim are members in “gag woman line”.

In addition, TV personality Kim Sae-rom, announcer Kim Kyung-ran, all-around sportswoman Kang So-yeon, Pilates instructor Yang Jung-won, cheerleader Park Ki-ryang, speed skater Kim Bo-reum, former special forces member Park Eun-ha, and Shin Soo-ji who is a former rhythmic gymnast and current professional bowler also join the ssireum team.

“Queen of Ssireum(wrestling)” will premiere at 8:20pm KST on July 19.