Red Velvet Irene’s first solo reality show to be released on August 4th

On August 4, seezn’s original content “Irene’s Work & Holiday” will be released for the first time.

“Irene’s Work & Holiday” is a reality show that includes the image of Red Velvet member Irene to Bae Joo-hyun, a human being who went on vacation with her real friends from the beginning of her debut.

Irene’s first solo reality, “Irene’s Work & Holiday”, will show Irene’s passion and sincerity for her daily life and work. And Irene’s comfortable image while on vacation with the “Real Friend” staff, who have shared all schedules and daily lives since her debut, will be revealed.

“Irene’s Work & Holiday” will be released for the first time on August 4th through seezn, and a new episode will be released every Thursday.