Rowoon and Yabuki Nako to host new audition program “The Idol Band”

According to SBS Medianet on July 28, SF9 Rowoon and former IZ*ONE member HKT48’s Yabuki Nako have been confirmed as the MCs of SBS M “THE IDOL BAND : BOY’s BATTLE”.

“The Idol Band” is an audition program to find an idol boy band with skills, visuals, and unique instrumental performances. Idol band producers will select and combine members of the band to form a team to make the best band to attract global fans.

Rowoon and Yabuki Nako will lead the “The Idol Band”, and send advice and support to the applicants based on their experiences.

Rowoon said, “It is my first time to be an audition MC, but I will do my best not to trouble the applicants. I’m also looking forward to meeting people with various skills.”

Yabuki Nako said, “I also participated in an audition program and learned many things and met my precious colleagues. Since I’m the MC this time, I’ll work hard to understand the candidates well.”

“The Idol Band” was organized by TBS and FNC Entertainment, produced by SBS Medianet. And it will be broadcast on SBS M, SBS FiL in Korea and TBS in Japan.

“The Idol Band” will receive applications through the program’s official website until August 26.