“Running Man” tops brand reputation ranking of variety shows for July

“Running Man” topped the list of big data analysis results in July for the brand reputation of entertainment programs. “Hangout with Yoo” was placed second and “My Little Old Boy” third.

The Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation analyzed 93,014,648 datas for 50 variety shows loved by the public from June 3 to July 3, and measured consumers’ points on brand participation, communication, media consumption, brand diffusion, and consumption.

The top 10 programs in the brand reputation ranking of variety shows in July are: Running Man, Hangout with Yoo, My Little Old Boy, I Live Alone, Radio Star, National Singing Contest, Shooting Stars, Knowing bros, Member of national team, 1 Night 2 Days.

According to the Korea Reputation Institute, “Running Man” earned a total of 4,148,698 points. Compared to the points in the previous month, it rose 13.91%. “Hangout with Yoo” earned a total of 4,084,398 points which fell by 34.97%.