SG Wannabe member Kim Jin-ho to get married in October

Group SG Wannabe member Kim Jin-ho (36) is getting married in October.

According to the news on July 29, Kim Jin-ho will be married to a non-celebrity bride-to-be on October 23.

Kim Jin-ho will invite only his relatives and close acquaintances from both families to hold a private ceremony. It is reported that he is preparing for the wedding by informing his acquaintances about the wedding.

Kim Jin-ho will be the second married member of SG Wannabe. Lee Seok-hoon was the first married member who married to ballerina Choi Sun-ah in 2016.

Kim Jin-ho debuted as a member of vocal group SG Wannabe in 2004. Starting with his first solo album in 2013, he is also working as a solo artist by releasing solo albums and holding solo concerts.