"Show Me The Money 11" unveils the final lineup of producers

Rapper JUSTHIS and producer R.Tee joined the producer lineup of Mnet's "Show Me The Money 11", following Lilboi and GroovyRoom, Jay Park and Slom, The Quiett and Leellamarz.

Rapper JUSDIS who was recognized for his amazing rapping and direct lyrics, and R.Tee, who is a rising producer participating in producing global hit songs, will be considered the freshest combination.

The production team said, "For the birth of the hip-hop new generation, we have invited eight powerful producers from the past, present, and future of the Korean hip-hop scene. To fit the concept of 'THE NEW ONE', in this season of 'Show Me The Money', we're going to work hard to start a new story for finding only one rapper to prove the present of Korean hip-hop. Please show a lot of interest."

"Show Me the Money 11", which is set to close its open recruitment for rappers on July 30, will begin voting for the "most anticipated producer team" on August 1 through the official community.