Voice actor Seo Yu-ri to release solo song as a virtual idol “Rona”

Voice actor Seo Yu-ri turns into a virtual idol “Rona”. Virtual idol Rona’s first solo debut song “Rona Rona Ddang Ddang” will be released at 12pm on July 28 KST.

Rona is Seo Yu-ri’s popular virtual character. Prior to the debut of the six-member virtual girl group “Solaire Diamant”, which will be presented by “Rona Universe”, she will make her first solo debut.

“Rona Universe” is a virtual MCN company jointly established by producer Choi Byung-gil and Seo Yu-ri. Through “Virtual Idol Audition Project” from March, “Rona Universe” launched the 6-member virtual girl group “Solaire Diamant” with Nyanya, Kato, Rock in Honey, Liline, Tacca, and Rona.

In addition, “Rona Universe” also signed contracts with 13 members of the girl group’s preliminary debut group, “Solaire Comète” and “Mercury”, and launched a 10-member virtual boy group “VoicsweetS2”.

“Rona Universe” plans to release the original songs of virtual idol members sequentially, starting with Rona’s solo debut song “Rona Rona Ddang Ddang”. In addition, their self-developed “Rhythm Game – Beat Collection” will be released simultaneously through Google Play Store.