“Witch Hunt 2022” reveals new posters with 4 MCs

The poster of TVING original “Witch Hunt 2022” has been released.

“Witch Hunt 2022”, which will be released on August 5, is a “no filter” original love talk show that deals with everything in real life love.

“Witch Hunt 2022” is back with TVING original show after 7 years. The new MCs are Shin Dong-yup, Kim Ea-na, Code Kunst and BIBI. In the posters, the four light up the signature green light in “Witch Hunt”.

“Witch Hunt 2022” selects a theme for each episode and deals with the story of real-life love in depth. The guests in the first episode are Joo Woo-jae and Nucksal, who are loved by Generation MZ.