Yoni P unveils some scenes of Lee Hyo-ri’s photo exhibition

Fashion designer Yoni P released several photos on Instagram on July 2, said, “Hyori’s photo exhibition ‘Lee Hyo-ri we didn’t know, 24 years of pieces’.”

From the photo that Lee Hyo-ri exposed with her shirt off to the photo that she took with her dog Soon-shim. The photos show some scenes of Lee Hyo-ri’s photo exhibition.

Yoni P also posted photos taken with Lee Hyo-ri and Uhm Jung-hwa. About Lee Hyo-ri Yoni P said, “11 years ago as soon as I came to Seoul from London, we were introduced by Bo-yun unni and had dinner. She became my first special superstar friend. Whenever then and now Lee hyo-ri is a human being who shines on everyone.”

Yoni P said at last, “A lot of love and a lot of comfort, let our friends grow old together.”