Boom, Jang Min-ho and Jeong dong-won to host trot special show "Our Trot"

The Chuseok special "Our Trot", which will be broadcast in September, is a trot show produced by the content production studio "Crea Studio", which was established by former TV CHOSUN chief director Seo Hye-jin and former TV CHOSUN's head of entertainment department Hwang In-young.

Not only legendary trot singers but also trot rookies, such as Seol Woon-do, Kim Soo-hee, Kim Hee-jae and Jeon Yu-jin, a total of 22 trot singers will participate to present a big scale "trot festival".

"The no.1 trot variety show MC" Boom, and the "brothers duo" trot singers Jang Min-ho and Jeong dong-won will be the MCs.

The production team said, "'Our Trot' will introduce a special way of hosting the show, taking advantage of each MC's strong points. Please look forward to a new kind of fun."