CHAKUN and Song Chae-yun to get married on September 3

VILLAINX MUSIC, where composer CHAKUN is the representative and producer, announced on August 2 that “Chakun and Song Chae-yun, who is an actress and webtoon artist, will get married on September 3.”

It is said the two have been together in 2016 and have build a relationship based on trust and love for six years.

VILLAINX MUSIC said, “In accordance with their desire to focus on each other, the ceremony will be held in private with their families and close acquaintances. Pless bless their new future.”

Chakun debuted as a member of hip-hop group Electroboyz in 2011 and is currently a composer and producer. Song Chae-yun appeared in the films “Arang”, “Whispering Corridors 5”, the dramas “City Of The Sun”, “Master’s Sun”, and “Witch at Court”. Currently she has turned into a webtoon artist.