Go Woo-ri to get married in October

According to the agency Image9comms on August 4, actress Go Woo-ri from the girl group “Rainbow” will have a wedding ceremony with her lover on October 3rd at somewhere in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

The bridegroom is five years older than Go Woo-ri. He currently operates a private business.

The agency said, “The two, who first met a year ago through the introduction of an acquaintance, became convinced that they are people who will depend on each other for the rest of their lives during their time together as lovers. They had a meeting of two families and decided to get married with all the family’s congratulations and support.”

The ceremony is a small wedding to hold privately, and only 50 acquaintances close to their families are invited. Honeymoon, matrimonial home, etc. are planned.

Go Woo-ri debuted as a member of Rainbow in 2009. After turning into an actor, she appeared in dramas such as “Love In Sadness” and “True Beauty”. The HBO Max drama “Mentalist”, which has already been filmed, will be released this year.