Kim Sung-joo and Kim Dong-hyun to be MCs of dodgeball variety “Steel Ball”

Channel A’s new variety show “Steel Ball – Dodge Ball War” is a sports entertainment in which soldiers who appeared in season 1&2 of “Steel Troops (The Iron Squad)” challenge dodge ball.

A total of 26 members of the “Steel Troops” will be on the show. Along with this, Kim Sung-joo and Kim Dong-hyun, who have been watching the battles in “Steel Troops”, will be the MCs of “Steel Ball”. Goalkeeper Kim Byung-ji and handball player Choi Hyun-ho will join as coaches.

The production team said, “With dodge ball training that combines football and handball skills, please look forward to who will be the final member of the Team Steel Ball, which will be selected through an unyielding battle.”

The first episode of “Steel Ball – Dodge Ball War” will be broadcast in August.