Lee Seung-hoon, Yerin, Yoon Ji-sung, and Luda to appear on "Boss Pet"

KBS WORLD's "Boss Pet", which will premiere on September 2, is a pet show with K-pop stars and their pets.

Winner Lee Seung-hoon, Yerin, Yoon Ji-sung, and WJSN Luda will join as "K-pop butler crew". As the passionate butlers who serve "boss pets", they will put down their fancy appearances and reveal their real day with their pets. And they will try to become a pet influencer using platforms such as TikTok and Reels.

In addition, K-pop stars with various pets and unique chemistry will appear as special guests.

"Boss Pet" will premiere at 11:05pm on September 2 KST and will be released at 11am on September 4 KST on seezn.