New dating reality show “Love in” to premiere on August 23

On August 4, JTBC announced a variety show “Love in” in which participants find lovers through a new concept of blind date using avatars.

“Love in” is a dating program in which the cast chooses an avatars to replace their appearance and uses it to find a lover. 8 single men and women will participate in the new concept blind date.

PD Yoon Yeo-jun, who is in charge of directing, said, “The charm and value that can be given from the outside will one day disappear. Starting a meeting through an avatar without revealing the true self means that you will focus on your inner self.After 8 men and women reveal their true selves, please check to see if the inner emotions that you interacted with through avatars can continue in the next meeting.”

The first episode will air on August 23.