NewJeans talk about their debut activities in ELLE's photo shoot

On August 19, the fashion magazine ELLE Korea released a set of photos with girl group NewJeans and Chanel Beauty.

The photo shoot was conducted with two concepts "New Genes" and "New Sensation".

In the interview with the magazine, NewJeans talked about their debut activities. Minji said, "I looked forward to music shows the most even before my debut. I'm happy that we've shown great performances since we've prepared all 3 title songs for a long time."

Danielle said, "I was really nervous because it was our first time meeting the fans, but I was so happy to see all the members on stage."

Haerin said, "You need a variety of expressions and vibes in one song, and I wonder how all of them will lead naturally. There's a lot I want to show you on stage."

Hanni said that a comfortable and free atmosphere is the team's biggest advantage, "I was not good at typing in Korean until recently, but I was thankful that the members kindly taught me every time."

Hyein said, "The best thing is that we take good care of each other and watch over each other a lot. Sometimes, when I'm having a hard time, the older members notice me first and approach me." Meanwhile, she said, "I hope I can be friends with my fans."