Shin Yong-jae holds a wedding with his non-celebrity girlfriend on August 6

On August 6, the agency Million Market confirmed, “Singer Shin Yong-jae will have a private wedding with a non-celebrity lover on this day.”

Earlier, Shin Yong-jae announced his marriage in April, “I have a girlfriend who has given me generous love for the past two years. She was a bright energy to me, who was always quiet and dark. That’s why I thought I should be a better person for that friend for the first time. Please wish us. With a grateful heart, I’d like to live a beautiful life with that friend.”

Shin Yong-jae debuted as a member of vocalist group 4Men in 2008 with his unique voice and great singing skills. In 2020, he formed a vocal duo 2F with Kim Won-joo.