SHINee’s Minho featured in August issue of Vogue Korea

SHINee’s Minho had a photo shoot for the August issue of Vogue Korea in London, England.

In the interview, Minho talked about the movie “New Normal” which is about to be released, “It was a suspense movie and a genre that I haven’t tried, so I wanted to try it. The director expressed the horror psychology so well that I wondered what it would be like to act. It is an episode that can happen in my daily life, so I can easily immerse myself. It’s a movie that will surprise you if you watch it lightly.”

SHINee’s music is popular and K-pop’s innovative aspects coexist. Regarding this he said, “That’s where I always think. If you like it when expressed in SHINee’s own color, I think it’s popular, so I think it’s always important to maintain our color. The homework is to find and solve where we can only do it and do what we can do best.”

More photos and the full interview can be found on the August issue of Vogue Korea and its official website.