Sunye and Jo Kwon to release a remake duet song "Anbu"

Singers Sunye and Jo Kwon will release 16th album of "Reborn project" and a remake song "Anbu" on August 28.

"Anbu (Greeting)" is a duet song by Byul and Na Yoon-kwon released in 2005. Sunye and Jo Kwon, who have been friends for 20 years, will reinterpret it in 2022 version.

Sunye debuted in the group Wonder Girls in 2007 and released her first solo album "Genuine" 15 years after her debut last month.

Jo Kwon debuted as a member of the vocal group 2AM in 2008 and is active in various musical stages. Recently, 2AM completed the concert as a full group.

"Reborn project" is a project that showcases various ways of collaboration, including the meeting of works and musics such as webtoons, dramas, books, and movies, and the meeting of popular songs and new singers.

"Anbu (Greeting)" in "reborn project" will be released on various online music sites at 6pm on August 28 KST.