Kim Hee-chul, Lee Sun-bin, Song Won-seok and Ralral to host Disney+'s first dating show "Pink Lie"

Disney+'s first dating variety show "Pink Lie" (directed by Kim In-ha, provided by The Walt Disney Company Korea, produced by CJ ENM) will be released in October.

"Pink Lie" is a love-lie variety of young men and women who choose a single lie that they have never told anyone to find someone who will love me as I am. It is a work that throws concerns about various definitions and prejudices of love, whether person can fall in love by themself, away from the conditions and backgrounds of love due to various stories of each person.

Singer Kim Hee-chul, actors Lee Sun-bin, Song Won-seok, and YouTuber Ralral will be the MCs. They will predict the psychology and choices of participants in "Pink Lie" with their sharp observations and intuition.

"Pink Lie" was directed by PD Kim In-ha, who directed various programs such as "Weekend Playlist" and "Cashback". It will be released on Disney+ in October.