Kim Sung-joo, Jang Yoon-jeong and Boom confirmed to appear on “Mr. Trot 2”

On September 26 TV Chosun's new variety show "Mr. Trot 2" reported the confirmation of Kim Sung-joo (Kim Seong Ju), Jang Yoon-jeong and Boom's appearance.

The production team said, "It's meaningful that the three people who symbolize the originality of Mr. Trot 2 have gathered in one place once again. It's an honor to be with the main characters who started the trot audition and caused the boom."

Kim Sung-joo said, "I'm sure of the success of Mr. Trot season 2 because there are long-awaited viewers."

Jang Yoon-jeong is a trot senior with the charisma and friendly charm, and a pioneer in recognizing talent. Boom can creat a pleasant atmosphere and show deep empathy for the performers' efforts.

The trot audition program "Mr. Trot" season 1, which aired in 2020, got more than 18 million views and a viewer rating of up to 35.7%. "Mr. Trot 2" is set to air for the first time this winter.