Kim Yong-gun, Kim Soo-mi, and Lee Gye-in to enjoy country life in new variety show

tvN STORY's new variety show "People in president's house" confirmed its first broadcast at 8:20pm on October 10 KST, and unveiled stills on September 13.

"People in president's house" is a new program produced by tvN STORY, which depicts what happens when Kim Yong-gun, Kim Soo-mi, and Lee Gye-in, the senior actors in Korea, meet and enjoy country life.

In addition to the regular cast members Kim Yong-gun, Kim Soo-mi, and Lee Gye-in, who have strong chemistry through their long friendship, guests who are close to them will visit to the country.

In the new show, viewers can enjoy the comfort from natural beauty with the rural affection and the hometown nostalgia. It will stimulate nostalgia and memories with a familiar but new side to viewers through the country life.